Tax Shelter


Tax Shelter


Tax Shelter Placentia Fees

Information Return

$40.00 – $50.00

Seniors and Low Income Families T5007 Slip, OAS slip, CPP slip and application for CTB and GST/HST Credit  

Basic Return

$60.00 – $70.00

Single with no dependants, one T4.  


$70.00 – $80.00

Multiple T4s, T5s, Amount for Eligible Dependant, Pension Income, RRSP and Union Dues    


$80.00 – $125.00

Pension Splitting, Child Care Expenses, Caregiver Amount, Charitable Donations, Medical Expenses, RRSP Income,Tuition and Education amounts.

Complex Returns

Free Estimates
Prices are based on complexity of the return. Capital Gains, Disability Amount, Overseas Tax Credit, Rental Income, Moving Expenses,Employment Expenses, Northern Residence Deduction, etc.

Small Business

$110.00 – $250.00

Sole proprietorship  

Help During Taxing Times